Online Repair Portal

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Local Store Drop-off

For customers that are within proximity of our store locations we are accepting new repair via store drop off. The store staff will assist customers with intake, and will transfer the product to our Corvallis shoe repair location.

Footwise Locations

Footwise Repair Services

Service Price
Birkenstock Resole $55-70
Birkenstock Recraft $90-100
Cork Repair $10-20
Service Price
Basic Repair (glue, stitching) $15-30
Velcro/Elastic – Replace One Strap $15
Velcro/Elastic – Replace Two Straps $25
Strap Repair (shorten, lengthen) One Strap $15
Strap Repair (shorten, lengthen) Two Straps $25
Zipper Repair $20 ea.
Zipper Replace $40-70
Lining Patch $15
Dye $30-40
Footbed Lining $20/pr.
Polish/Clean $10-15/pr.
Stretch $10-20
Service Price
Heels Dress Spike Women’s $20
Heels Casual / Dress $20-30
Heels Work / Hiker / Western Boot $35
Heel Base Repair $10-30
Half Soles (Forefoot)
Service Price
Half Sole Rubber Casual / Dress $35
Half Sole Work / Hiker $45-55
Half Sole Leather $65
Dancing Suede $30
Full Soles
Service Price
Shoe Flat Sole $55-70
Shoe with attached Heel or Wedge $75-85
Dress Shoe Leather Recraft $115-125 Sole
Boot/Hiker Flat Sole or Wedge $75-90
Boot Sole with attached Heel $85-100
Boot Recraft Rubber Sole with separate Heel $100
Boot Recraft Leather Sole with separate Heel $115-125
Caulk "Cork" Soles $150
Caulk Spike Replacement $50
Service Price
Midsole Lifts $50-85
On footbed lift $15-20
Luggage / Handbags / Clothing
Service Price
Zipper Repair $20 ea.
Zipper Replace $35-75 ea.
Strap Repair (shorten, lengthen) One Strap $15
Strap Repair (shorten, lengthen) Two Straps $25
New Strap $25